The Lisa Miller story has been a difficult and complex one. In the year 2000, Lisa entered into a civil union in the state of Vermont with another woman. They traveled there for the registration, as their home state of Virginia did not recognize civil unions. While in this relationship, Lisa conceived through artificial insemination and in 2002 a daughter, Isabella, was born. Isabella is now nine years old.

In late 2003, Lisa rejected her homosexual lifestyle and accepted Jesus Christ’s forgiveness and love. Consequently, she filed to dissolve the civil union with her former partner. Thus began the long and complicated struggle for the custody of Isabella which has now stretched out for seven years and has involved the courts of both Vermont and Virginia.

In April of this year, Timo Miller was arrested in connection with Lisa and Isabella’s disappearance. In October, all charges against Timo were dropped. The story continues with a criminal complaint from the Federal Government now being brought against Ken Miller, an Anabaptist pastor from Virginia.

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