find-1We are convinced that God exists in an unapproachable state of sinless perfection and is the Author of all moral truth. As Creator of the human race, He instituted for us humans a moral code called the law, which is a tangible expression of His holiness. (For a view of this Awesome God and His law, read Exodus 19-20) Everyone has violated His law in actions the Bible calls sins. (Romans 3:23) In sinning, people fall short of the glory of God as did the first man and woman, and are therefore unable to stand in His presence, and face His coming judgment. We know we have sinned when we honestly compare our lives against the law of God found in the Scriptures. Our conscience—the moral voice God planted inside each of us—responds to our sin by giving us feelings of guilt, shame, depression, and emptiness and is like a flashing red light on the dashboard informing us that something is wrong. Feeling bad about our sin can actually be a good thing because Jesus taught that those who mourn for their sin are in a state of great fortune, for they will be comforted. (Matt. 5:4) God positively delights to help those who cry out to Him in their shame and guilt.